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Test your knowledge of this period of world history by taking our History by the Decades: The 1970’s Quiz.
When someone mentions the Civil War, many things come to mind…
Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg, the Confederate Flag, Slavery, and more. Just as the United States was finding its place in the world, war broke out, but it was not a foreign invader, this war was domestic.
There is no denying that when it comes to world history, the truth is often stranger than fiction. As such, we have constructed a quiz based on both true facts of world history along with a number of false ones.
As much as we may regret this fact, war determines the flow of history. While sometimes conflict may seem like a simple case of the good guys going off to stop the bad guys, we all know there is usually an element of moral grey to it.
As Europe began its colonization of American lands, human history irrevocably changed. The abundance of resources the “New World” had to offer enticed a great many European powers to try and secure a piece of the newly discovered continents for themselves.
Take the Rock and Roll Legends of the 1980s Quiz. As time moved on, rockers of all backgrounds continued to evolve the malleable genre. While some preferred to experiment with the fundamentals of Rock and Roll in order to create a new vision. Others, meanwhile, attempted to take Rock and Roll back to its roots.
As often as history is a collection of figures and dates, it is just as often a study of locations. Multiple legendary locales have entered the legends of mankind because of the incredible events which took place there.
After the dramatic events which shook the world throughout the 1970’s, humanity entered the 1980’s with cautious optimism. Even though the decade began with a peculiar series of twists, the amount of artistic progress and societal change set the tone for a promising era.
From some of the most memorable films come some of the most memorable images. In this quiz, you will test your expertise in the history of cinema to identify which famous films spawned the following legendary visuals.
During the legendary Age of Exploration, many great individuals rose to expand the boundaries of their known world. With such a demand for new land and gold it was little wonder that so many kingdoms sent their own adventurers out to discover new places.
With tensions of nuclear war at an all-time high and respect for authority at an all-time low, the decade of the 1960’s was one fraught with uncertainty. Take our History by the Decades Quiz dedicated to the 1960’s in order to test your knowledge on this crucial period in world history.
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